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This proceeding publishes original papers in the field of electrical, electronics, control, telecommunication & computer engineering, and informatics which covers, but not limited to, the following scope:

Electrical: Electrical Engineering Materials, Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Electrical Machines, Power Quality, Power Economic, FACTS, Renewable Energy, Photovoltaic Conversion, Electric Traction, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Generation and Network Planning, Optimal Power Flow, Reliability, High Voltage Insulation Technologies, High Voltage Apparatuses, Lightning Detection and Protection, Power System Analysis, SCADA, Electrical Measurements, Artificial intelligence in Electrical and Power Systems;

Electronics: Analogue Circuits, Electronic Materials, Microelectronic System, Semiconductor Devices, Embedded Systems Electronics, Design and Implementation of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), VLSI Design, System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and Electronic Instrumentation Using CAD Tools, digital signal & data Processing, Digital Electronics, Microwave and Millimetre-wave Techniques, Biomedical Transducers and instrumentation, Medical Imaging Equipment and Techniques, Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing, Medical Electronics, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems;

Telecommunication: Modulation and Signal Processing for Telecommunication, Information Theory and Coding, Antenna and Wave Propagation, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Radio Communication, Communication Electronics and Microwave, Cellular, Mobile and satellite-based systems, Radar Imaging, Distributed Platform, Communication Network and Systems, Wireless and Optical Communications, Fiber Optics and Photonic Switching, DSL, ADSL, cable TV, Telematics Services and Security Network, Economic Impact of Telecommunication Systems;

Control: Adaptive Control, Aircraft and Aerospace Control, Complex Systems with Uncertainty, Control of Manufacturing Systems, Control in Power Electronics, Control of Process Systems, Control Theory, Cyber-Physical-Systems and Control, Delay Systems, Design of Control Systems, Discrete Event Systems, Distributed Parameter Systems, Estimation and Filtering, Hybrid Systems, Human Interaction, Identification and Observation, Information-Based Control, Intelligent Systems, Iterative Learning Control, Model-Predictive Control, Multi-Agent Systems, Networked Control, Optimal Control, Quantum Control, Repetitive Control, Robust Control, Robotics & UAV, Traffic & Automobile Control, Social Systems, System-Wide Coordination Control, Shipping & Marine Vessels Control, Complex Adaptive Systems, Control and Intelligent Systems, Electronic Sensors, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network, Hybrid and Switching Control, Instrumentation, Modelling and Identification, Non-Linear and Stochastic Controls, Optimal, Robust and Adaptive Controls, Process Optimization and Scheduling, Robotics, Image Based Control;

Computer and Informatics: Algorithmic Complexity, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Automata theory, Business Process, Cognitive Systems, Complexity theory, Computational Learning Theory, Computer Architecture, Computer Modelling of Complex Systems, Computer Network Security, Computer Network, Computer Security, Computer Vision, Data Engineering (Data and Knowledge level Modelling, Information Management (DB) practices, Knowledge Based Management System, Knowledge Discovery in Data), Database theory & Practice, Dependable Computing, Distributed Computing System, Embedded System, Formal Languages, High Performance Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Machine Interface, Information Retrieval, Information Search Engine, Information Theory, Intelligent System, Intelligent Systems, IT Governance, Mobile Processing, Multimedia Security, Natural Language Processing, Network Traffic Modelling, Networking Technology, Neural networks, Next Generation Media, Next Network Generation, Optical Communication Technology, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computer, Performance Modelling, Pervasive Computing, Programming (Programming Methodology and Paradigm), Robotic Instrumentation, Security and Privacy, Software Engineering (Software: Lifecycle, Management, Engineering Process, Engineering Tools and Methods), Stochastic Systems, Theory of Algorithms and Computability, Virtual/Augmented Reality.


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This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.