Virtual assistant upper respiratory tract infection education based natural language

Wiwin Suwarningsih


The high incidence of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) in Indonesia requires an efficient healthcare solution to maintain human wellbeing. The e-health education model proposed in this paper is a virtual assistant in the form of an interactive question and answer system (Assistant Virtual Interactive Question Answering = AVIQA) with a natural language approach. AVIQA is a form of problem-solving approach to design some aspects of education and consultation in helping parents to recognize symptoms and dealing with several preventive actions for toddlers when exposed to Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. The technologies proposed for the development of AVIQA include (i) Representation of sentence meanings to build an URTI knowledge base; (ii) Design of dialogue models for interactive consultation using a combination between information state and frame base model and (iii) development of IQA based on casebase reasoning and semantic role labelling. The purpose of developing this technology is to achieve a system that is capable of assisting the users especially mothers in searching for information, reducing user time compared to reading a document, and providing a good advice for finding the right answers, which then can be constructed from a management model prototype information for the education and independent consultation for users. The final result of this study is e-health education system based Indonesian natural language that has an ability in terms of health consultations especially health of children under five in Acute Respiratory Infection disease. This system is expected to have a significant impact on the ability of a mother to recognize symptoms and deal with children attacked by URTI


e-health; Indonesian medical domain; Natural language; Tract infection; Virtual assistant



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