Smart car parking system using ultrasonic sensor

Rahman Atiqur, Yun Li


This article is on the smart parking system. In which we going to utilize the ultrasonic sensor to distinguish the vehicle and it will assist the proprietor with finding an advantageous parking space. Parking spots are significant in city urban areas. In view of the expansion in huge number of vehicles, the requirement for parking spaces is a need and henceforth an earnest needs to build up a system that can deal with these parking spots. To determine these necessities we build up a system to show the empty path in the parking spaces. This includes a system that incorporates a ulrasonic sensor, raspberry pi 4, wifi-module and a led show outside the vehicle parking entryway. Parking spaces are observed by the staff of the concerned power. The paper incorporates the subtleties of parts that are utilized and about the working of this system. The paper likewise shows that our system's looking through an ideal opportunity to locate a free space is more productive than some other existing system.


LED display; Raspberry Pi4; Smart Parking; Ultrasonic Sensor; Wifi-Module



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Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.