Application of SEPIC DC-DC converter for low-voltage energy harvesting systems

Tole Sutikno, Rizky Ajie Aprilianto


Energy harvesting systems (EHS) have been known as a concept to obtain energy from a clean source and convert it into other energy, including electricity. EHS can be classified into four sources: light, electromagnetic, thermal, and kinetic energy. Unfortunately, most harvester devices generate electricity within the low-voltage level, so voltage conditioning is needed to achieve a feasible level. SEPIC DC-DC converter becomes one of the solutions to realize it, which works by increasing DC level voltage. In this study, the role of SEPIC DC-DC converter for HES applications focusing on three of four sources along with its harvester devices, i.e., light by PV, gradient temperature by TEG, and pressure by a piezoelectric device, are reviewed. Also, the overview of challenges and the possibility of HES obtained are described. Then, the application of each harvester device and the SEPIC DC-DC converter is explained to low-voltage EHS applications, for instance, in renewable energy power plants, street lighting, small-scale power applications, or power sources at wearable devices. Lastly, the primary issue in the SEPIC DC-DC converter and research information that may be carried out in future studies are given.


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